MOS TV: American Spring – El Hajj Malcolm Shabazz and Tim Baldauf-Lenschen Speak Truth to Power

Two gifted young leaders Malcolm Shabazz and Tim Baldauf-Lenschen represent the best in their generation. Mr. Shabazz is the sole grandson and namesake of the martyred Malcolm X. Shabazz has begun to take up the family business of raising awareness. He is a writer, gifted-public speaker, world-traveler, and proud father, and he longs to keep the memory of his grandfather, Malcolm who is considered to be the greatest African American man to ever lived, alive. Malcolm Shabazz have overcome more obstacles in his life by the state and residues of enemies of African American people have erected in his path. He has a forthcoming book that will surely electrify millions. Mr. Baldauf-Lenschen is the proud descendent martyred anti-Nazi Germans who defied Hitler and the Gestapo. Tim is a humanitarian and strong advocate for human and social rights for everyone. He is a undergraduate student at the University of Maryland and a powerful leader in the Justice At Maryland Coalition, the NAACP, Students Against Mass Incarceration groups at his school. He is an articulate speaker and a servant leader that is an inspiration to his peers from all walks of life. Together, these two young leaders are interviewed by Dr. W. Randy Short, Dignity/IHRAAM/SCLC. Share this with anyone that wants to see two gifted men discuss the issues of today.

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