Moorish Oakland Star Light: Yasiin Bey, Emcee

Peace peace peace!

Some know him as the Mighty Mos Def.

Others may know him as one half of BlaqStar.

Round these parts, we are honoring his present name, and our Moorish Family, so i present to you — Yasiin Bey.

Yasiin is an Emcee, prophet, and much Moor. Here are some jewels that I felt needed some light on this site. With no further ado,

‘Time is Always Now’ – 2014 M.C.


‘L’Elephant Effervescent’ – 2012 M.C.

‘Demonstration of force-feeding (cruel inhumane torture) at Guantanamo Bay’ – 2013 M.C.

‘Yasiin x Made in Africa Interview, Marrakech, Morocco’ – 2014 M.C.

One love to one of the greatest.

Islam Yasiin bey!

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