One love to Bangsamoros and Filipinos!


Peace to my Filipino peoples from the Bey Area. I love some quality lumpia. If you know then you know!

Being Moorish American, and studying the work of Drew Ali has led me to look to all Nations as my family. The more I began to study History, the more I began to see connections with other people all over the world. One of those connections is with Filipinos, and specifically, a group of those people named Bangsamoros, or in short, Moros.

Aside from the obvious, from some research I have done, their demeanor and ways sound very familar. A few of my cousins and uncles or patnas kind of familar. Don’t take my words, check this excerpt from the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“Because of their Islamic faith (introduced from Borneo and Malaya in the 14th century), the Moro have remained outside the mainstream of Philippine life and have been the object of popular prejudice and national neglect. Moro conflict with ruling powers has a centuries-long history: from the 16th to the 19th century they resisted Roman Catholic Spanish colonialists, who tried to extirpate their “heresy”; in the first decade of the 20th century they battled against U.S. occupation troops in a futile hope of establishing a separate sovereignty; and, finally, they spawned insurgencies against the independent Philippine government, especially from the late 1960s on.”

A wise man once said, “man knows not by being told”. And I know that masterminds like more than words and quotes. It’s all love family. Check out some of our Sistren and Brethen in the Philippines:


“All these photographs were taken by Dr. William R. Eastman, Sr. in the Philippines between 1902 and 1906. Dr. Eastman was a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps.” – Peace to

FAMILY, It is IMPERATIVE that we know who we are. Our family in the Philippines need us. But if we see ourselves as a color crayon, then we cannot see the family, the culture, the legacy, the LOVE that is all around us.

If we don’t know who we are, then we will find ourselves using weapons like the .45 and feeling like “tha man”, not knowing that the reason that caliber became widely known was due to the U.S. Calvary upping the firepower to kill our family back in the 1900s. The .38 was not effective. Again, Don’t believe me. See for your SELF

Much love to the Filipinos and Moros, and all peoples on the Earth and BEYond.

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