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MOS TV: Tha Moorning Star – Episode 3 – Liberate Palestine

Tha Moorning Star: Episode 3 – Liberate Palestine

Featuring an interview Dr. Gilbert, a brotha providing medical services in Gaza, an interview with Helen Thomas regarding the truth she spoke about the Israeli occupation, Sheik Imran Hosein about El Hajj Malik El Shabazz an the deception of corporate controlled media (Al Jazeera = CNN with a muslim storefront), a brilliant message from brothas Michael Ratner and Rabbi Weiss.

Feature Hip Hop Video: Don Martin ft Immortal Technique (US), Eltipo Este (Cuba), Tumi (South Africa), Tonto Noiza (France). Prod Tommy Tee. Video by Ulfdawg

Love to our Sistas and Brothas in Palestine. In Gaza.
Love to our Sistas and Brothas being oppressed all over the earth.

No more occupation. No more war. No more Genocide.

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MOS TV: Canaanland Moors – Moor hating is Self hating

Another great build with brotha grand Sheik Kudjo Adwo El and Canaanland Moors.

“Ignorance of Law is no excuse”

Get a pen and paper, take notes, and study study study!

For MOOR information, please visit the Canaanland youtube channel:

Canaanland Moors Visual lessons

Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice



Califa Media – An Introduction

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Tha Moorning Star – Episode 2 – Love 4 tha Moabitess

Tha Moorning Star – Episode 2 – Love 4 tha Moabitess

Episode 2 features an exclusive interview with Pilar Sanders Love El Dey, music videos from Tupac and Kendrick Lamar, wisdom from Taj Tarik Bey and Dr. Judy Wood, and Moor.

Shout out to Prince, Dick Gregory, KRS-One, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, Zahir Cassanova Nasir Bey, and everyone else involved.

Welcome to the future.

Edutainment for the 21st century and BEYond.

The Truth is here.

By the Moorish Science Temple of America:
International Asiatic Moorish Hip Hop Temple # 23

Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice


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MOS TV: Pilar Sanders Love El Dey x Sons of Allah Interview

Amazing build with Pilar Sanders Love El Dey, Mizraim El, and Kudjo Adwo El.


Below is a breakdown of the clip and Moor information about the Sons of Allah show:

“Moorish American National Pilar Biggers Sanders Love El Dey Speak with Sons of Allah, Mizraim El and Kudjo Adwo El on July 17, 2014 Gregorian Calendar Year.

Sons of Allah
This is a show that is primarily geared towards the Sons and issues that are relevant to all Sons. However as you know it does not exclude “Mother”.

Sons of Allah airs every third Thursday of each Month.
We must activate our voice with law and speak with our Writs!!!
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Peace to Cassanova Nasir Bey