MOS Editorial: A Plea to the Moorish Nation from a European Son by Patrick Lampron


A Plea to the Moorish Nation
from a European Son

Peace Family,

I, a Living Soul inhabiting this human vessel, stand alone in front of the Great North Gate of Al Magrib Alaxa. I am known as Patrick Lampron, a ‘French-Canadian’ Son of a Mother of European origin. I am on the verge of allegedly completing my thirty-third Sun cycle in the beginning of March, and I am currently living on the island of Montreal, within Canaanland Territory. I speak here today, from my own free will and volition, but also for those of my kindred who, like me, are ready and willing to play an active role in the upliftment of Humanity. It is with the Right Hand on the Heart, and the Right knee on the ground, that I hope these words will be felt, that this plea will be heard.

From ancient to modern History, there have been families and private groups who never stopped working for the enslavement of others. Their goal of complete control is on the verge of becoming our reality, that is if we are unable to elevate our consciousness above the problems they are perpetrating. I believe imperative for all to realize that the ‘Corruptors’ knows naught of their Heart, and have no allegiance but to themselves ; They dwell in every Nation, hiding in the Lower Self of the people they control ; They have no Creed, but Greed, and our debt is their investment ; They only create division, using Fear to separate and keep us under their control. It has become irrelevant now whether they see us as ‘Black’, ‘Indian’, ‘Poor White’, etc. they are still using the same old sorcery. Their biggest Birthright theft is the concealment of the Knowledge to attain Enlightenment, our greatest suffering comes from its ignorance. I shall share the treasures they could never steal.

As a descendant of the French Nation, having lost its connection with its Mother Land, governed by a foreign ruler, confined in a de facto State, being natural alien of this continent my ancestors came onto, I can only dream of a de jure Nationality for my people, here on America. There is only one solution for my salvation and that of my peers, and that is through the Moorish People. Only You has the highest spiritual principals as the basis of Your governance; only You are the true and legitimate heirs of this vast Estate; it is only logical that You are the ones who holds the key for me and my kind to link us into the Family of Man. It was the natural tendency of my people, when the first ones arrived from months of navigation, to flee from the ship they came from into the wilderness, and to go and ask to the indigenous people of the area to be accepted in their community, in hopes they could start a new future for themselves, away from the misery of 16th century Europe. They were met with kindness and benevolence, they answered with gratitude and allegiance ; the pale sons wilfully left their old ways and assimilated themselves by learning to live in accordance with Mother Nature and the custom of the indigenous people; to my forefathers account, they had found paradise, they had met their peace, and would rather die then to come back to enrolment. From that spirit, from that memory, I want to honour my ancestors.

Nevertheless, we have arrived, in this Day and Age, at a time where all Nations should be assuming the responsibilities for the mistakes and crimes of their forefathers. As much as their honours are way over due, as much as we should work for the reparation of their tort. All ended up abusing of their powers, and all have suffered through slavery of any kind, in many ways. Everyone’s misery is equivalent, and no ignition of violence is justifiable. Therefore, none should throw the first stone, otherwise he will keep falling victim of his own guilt, bound to repeat History’s mistake by spinning the same Karmic wheel. The only way one can free himself from this prison no one can see, nor touch nor smell, is to free his mind from the mental slavery that has been use to subjugate mankind. And such Freedom can only be achieved by studying Her Laws and their cause & effect, in order to under/over/inner stand our respective place in this existence. Since no one can escape his duties to « Know Thyself», such responsibility is endowed to every parcel of Her Great Body. Only then can Humanity bring Herself back unto Her feet, Majored and In Full Life, Standing Upright Into The Light. Let it be known that I live by my responsibility.

The Universality of Prophet Noble Drew Ali’s words and teachings have now transcended the barriers of language and the differences of customs. They have reached far beyond the origin of our respective DNA, and could become the unifying link, in spirit, for the salvation and peace of us all, here on America. But, His words can only become our Day if we allow them to shine. And His words can Unify us, only if we allow them to grow. Only ignorance can make one disregard His teachings, and only fear can make one reject His Laws. There is no logical reason why one should not take into consideration what He left for us, and if His missionary Life isn’t an example to be followed, then one is bound to remain in the same State he was found in. May my life be a testimony of His protection and guidance and on this day I hereby claim the right to continue studying, learning and applying His teachings, in order to be able to share it with my people, for our salvation. This, I chose to make it my duty.

Even from outside the Gate, it always saddens me to hear bickering and insults among brothers who claims to know the Prophet’s Work. It is always easy to notice the corruption that the illusion of Power creates from leadership. Under the disguise of righteous indignation, personal attacks and detrimental comments are but the reflection and expression of a governing Lower Self, and despite an accurate memory of the Prophet’s words, to let oneself into fear, anger and hatred is not the expression of Love, Truth, Peace and Freedom, which is why Justice keeps being brought upon us. Until the day one can be a living embodiment of His teachings, one should work on the beam in their own eyes, rather then complaining about the speck in his brother’s eye. And when one’s own Light shall be enlighten, may he guide others to the same Heaven. We all should try to build our own Temple and bridges, rather then destroying everyone‘s construction by throwing our own brick. My bridge is built, my Temple is ready: the Light is on. All are welcome.

I hereby ask to any and every one to do the greatest act of sacrifice, by letting go of our old fears, hatred and self righteousness, so we may stop creating destruction; by elevating the feelings that divides us up to a compassionate level, so that our differences becomes a source of inspiration, rather then a source of division; by humbly accepting to recognize our respective wrongs so its understanding becomes the basis of doing more Good. The act of Self Sacrifice is the battle that cannot be put in words, and when a majority of winner will have develop a wilful intent to do the right thing for the well being of Humanity, we shall start being the creators of our own Peace. By this act, the Lower Self may take back his place, in order to serve its Higher Self. By this act, shall we learn to Love instead of Hate. By this act, shall we heal ourselves. I have learned to act.

I shall stay in front of the Gate, guarding it against embezzlement, perversion and malevolent foes, and doing what needs to be done, so by the Will of the People, its doors may open. The cast out Son has returned, and he needs its Mother. In the name of Allah: Let Him In. By the Love of Creation: accept him back, for its assimilation is inevitable. He promises: he’ll behave.

Until the day we march in Unity: May our Thoughts, Words and Actions reflect our inner-standing of Love; May our Truth be constructive ; May Peace be its result ; May Freedom create prosperity for all ; May Justice be served.

With All Respect, Humility, Dignity, Honours and Good Faith ;
In And For Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Patrick Lampron

I Am: Patrick Lampron


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