Noble Drew Ali and Moorish History in the Montauk Book of the Dead



The Montauk Book of the Dead by Peter Moon reveals some amazing information about Noble Drew Ali, as well as Moorish History in general. Furthermore, it begins to reveal just how important this information will be to all of humanity. The truth about the so called blacks, browns, latinos, african americans, etc being Moors will change the world as we know it. All the history books and education in general will have to change. The economy, entertainment, science, politics, war! You name it, and it will be affected. In fact, in the book Peter Moon shows how Moors are directly linked to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Palestine. He dropped the jewel about one of the gates to enter into the Temple is named the Moroccan Gate or the Gate of the Moors. If all the so called blacks (Actually Moorish Americans) knew this, I am sure that we would be more active in the liberation and protection of our sistas and brothas in Palestine.



I humbly suggest you pick up a copy of this book for yourself to read and see for yourself. For man knows not by being told, A wise man once said.

“The European is helping me, why not you?” – Noble Drew Ali

Peace to all our European sistas and brothas helping us out, speaking truth to the people.

Peace to all peoples speaking truth.

Love is Amor


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