A Message for Europeans and all Nationals about black people || IAMHH Temple #23

Dolce and Gabbana show, Spring Summer 2013, Milan Fashion Week, Italy - 23 Sep 2012

If you truly feel #Blacklivesmatter, if you truly want to end the oppression, if you truly want to stop the Genocide happening in America, then I humbly ask you to stop calling us blacks, african-americans, negroes, people of color, brown folks, hispanics, latinos, etc.

We are Moors. Our National name is Moorish American.

We have suffered greatly by not knowing who we are. We need your help.

Anytime you see or hear a Moor identify themselves as “black” or “african-american”, with love and kindness, correct them by saying “you are not black, you are a Moor”.

I greatly appreciate your assistance in uplifting fallen humanity.

Keep shining!

For Moor Information:


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2 thoughts on “A Message for Europeans and all Nationals about black people || IAMHH Temple #23

  1. Theophilus Peek-El says:

    Islam Good Work May ALLAH be Please

  2. al malik el dey says:

    Peace n blessings: I truly can concur. These usages as brands have really conditioned the whole world that we actually is that brand of talk.our berthrights have been proven to the enlightened ones of our ancestral “DNA” that the whole human family derived from these so_called black people.Now the uneducated need to know that these moorish Americans are the salt of the world and the force behind the employment of west amexem,west Egypt,America for a better term.the whole world needs to know that the “Vatican of Rome” is the one of the main components to this false brand name calling.They call us out of our true heritage.we moors are bound to these shores of america,our birthright.we are of the twelve tribes of YHWH ALLAH who is of the rich true royal blood line of our father.The 501c3 pastors will have to decide which side of the fence will they remain on.this 501c3 is a trick covenant of the “Vatican to steal all the moors treasures of the world.nothing has been lost,all have been stolen and hidden from the world.the world needs to know that they are not just dealing with so_called black people,they are dealing with YHWH ALLAH direct descendents of YHWH ALLAH him self.”501c4” is in full effect now,a new covenant for the whold world.wake up world,Europeans,black people,moors.a hint to the wise is sufficient.peace,ur brotha keepa!

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