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Does Moor mean black? | Featuring Malcolm X, Booker T Coleman, & Tariq Nasheed


I have heard the phrase “Moor means black” from many different people. And not just by people with videos on YouTube. I’m talking about scholars, elders, and even Master Teachers echoing this statement. But is it accurate? Is it right and exact? Is it the TRUTH? Let us find out!

According to science, historical evidence and information, the answer is clear. But even if all of the evidence presented is not enough, just ask yourself this simple question:

If ‘Moor’ MEANS ‘black’, what would be the need for the term “blackamoor”? Isn’t that saying “BlackaBlack”, if Moor means black?

C’mon family. Let’s be honest. We see and know that Moor does not and cannot mean black.

For MOOR information, please check out these links:

The time is now!

Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice

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!! Family First !! Marshawn Lynch, Tommy Davidson, John McCain, Kaba Hiawatha Kamene, and Moor || MS Show Ep. 10


Peace to Marshawn Lynch.
Shout out to the Bey Area.
Shout out to Moors around the world and BEYond.
Growing up in Oakland, and knowing Marshawn, you know I had to represent! Don’t let the media deceive you. That Brotha is down for our people.
Keep Shining!
“Man knows not by being told”
Study Study Study!
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