77 Amazing Facts About the Moors with Complete Proof


Peace to J.A. Rogers for his works, but it is time to set the record straight.

The so called “negroes” aka “blacks” aka “coloreds” aka afro-americans aka african-americans aka people of color are actually Moors. Understanding in these days and times, people need to be shown proof, Kudjo Adwo El, T.S. Najee-Ullah El and Rami Salaam El have put together a book full of proof.


77 Amazing facts about the Moors with Complete proof is an easy to read book. You have documented evidence (ancient and modern) showing you facts about the Moors. And we aren’t just talking about the time period when they were in what we now call Spain that most often refer to when speaking about Moorish history. This book provides proof that Moors were all over the globe. From the West to the East and back again.


You can pick up a copy on AMAZON or thru the publishing source, CALIFAMEDIA at califamedia.com

And stay tuned. This is just the beginning!


2 thoughts on “77 Amazing Facts About the Moors with Complete Proof

  1. hon.gregory bell-el says:

    The outformation is peace moor.

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