Koran Questions for Moorish Americans – 101

Koran for Moorish Americans 101

Koran Questions for Moorish Americans – 101

1. Who made you? ALLAH.

2. Who is ALLAH? ALLAH is the Father of the Universe.

3. Can we see Him? No.

4. Where is the nearest place we can meet Him? In the heart.

5. Who is Noble Drew Ali? He is ALLAH’S Prophet.

006. What is a Prophet? A Prophet is a thought of ALLAH manifested in flesh.

007. What is the duty of a Prophet? To save nations from the wrath of ALLAH.

008. Who is the founder of the MOORISH SCIENCE  TEMPLE OF AMERICA? Noble Drew Ali.

009. What year was the MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA founded? 1913 A.D.

010. Where? Newark, New Jersey.

011. Where was Noble Drew Ali born? In the State of North Carolina, 1886.

012. What is his nationality? Moorish American.

013. What is your nationality? Moorish American.

014. Why are we Moorish Americans? Because we are descendants of Moroccans and born in America.

015. For what purpose was the Moorish Science Temple of America founded? For the uplifting of fallen humanity.

016. How did the Prophet begin to uplift the Moorish Americans? By teaching them to be themselves.

017. What is our religion? Islamism.

018. Is that a new, or is that the old time religion? Old time religion.

019. What kind of a flag is the Moorish? It is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the center.

020. What do the five points represent? Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

021. How old is our flag? It is over 50,000 years old.

022. Which is our Holy Day? Friday.

023. Why? Because Friday is the day on which man was formed in flesh, and it was on Friday when he departed out of flesh.

024. Who was Jesus? He was a Prophet of Allah.

025. Where was He born? In Bethlehem, of Judah, in the house of David.

026. Who were His Father and Mother? Joseph and Mary.

027. Will you give in brief the line (genealogy) through which Jesus came? Some of the Great Fathers through which Jesus came are: Abraham, Boaz by Ruth, Jesse, King David, Solomon, Hezekiah and Joseph by Mary.

028. Why did ALLAH send Jesus to this earth? To save the Israelites from the iron hand oppression of the pale-skin nations of Europe, who were governing a portion of Palestine at that time.

029. How long has that been? About two thousand years ago.

030. What was the nationality of Ruth? Ruth was a Moabites.

031. What is the modern name for the Moabites? Moroccans.

032. Where is the Moroccan Empire? Northwest Amexem.

033. What is the modern name for Amexem? Africa.

034. What is the title given to our ruler in Morocco {East}? Sultan.

035. Where do we get the name Jesus? From the West.

036. What does the name Jesus mean? Jesus means Justice.

037. Did the Angel give to the Child that was called Jesus a Holy Name? Yes, but it cannot be used by those who are slaves to sin.

038. What is an Angel? An Angel is a thought of ALLAH manifested in human flesh.

039. What are Angels used for? To carry messages to the four corner of the world, to all nations.

040. What is our Prophet to us? He is an Angel of ALLAH, who is sent to bring us the Everlasting Gospel of ALLAH.

041. What is the Everlasting Gospel? It is a Saving Power that comes from Allah through our ancient Father, by His Prophet.

042. What is the Covenant of the Great GOD-ALLAH? Honor thy Father and thy Mother, that thy days may be longer upon the Earth land which the Lord thy GOD ALLAH hath given thee.

043. At what age did Jesus begin to teach? At the age of twelve.

044. Where did He teach? India, Africa and Europe.

045. How long did He teach? Eighteen years.

046. What did Jesus say that would make you free? Truth.

047. What is Truth? Truth is Aught.

048. What is Aught? Aught is ALLAH.

049. Can Truth change? TRUTH cannot change, or pass away.

050. What other name do we give to TRUTH? HOLY BREATH.

051. What have you to say about the HOLY BREATH? All we can say is it is great, it is good, it was, it is, and evermore to be. AMEN.

052. At what place on earth was the physical part of MAN formed? In the Garden of Eden.[Asia]

053. Where is the Garden of Eden? In the land of Canaan, in the city of Mecca.

054. What is the modern name for the Garden of Eden? MECCA.

055. What is the name of the first Physical Man? His Name cannot be used, only by Executive Rulers of the A.C. Of the M.S.T. of A.

056. What are the words of A.C. of the M.S.T. of A.? Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science Temple of America (3rd Heaven.)

057. Who were Adam and Eve?  They are the mothers and fathers of the human family. Asiaitic and Moslem.

058. Where did they go? They went into Asia.

059. What is the modern name given to their children? Asiaitics.

060.Who is guarding the Holy City of MECCA to keep the unbelievers away? Angels.

061. What is the modern name of these Angels? Asiaitics.

062-. What is the shade of their skin? Olive.

063. Are the Moorish Americans any relation to those Angels? Yes, we all have the same Father and Mother.

064. Give five names that are given to the descendants of Adam and Eve. Lucifer, Satin, Devil, Dragon nd Beast.

065. What is the Devil sometimes called? The lower self.

066. How many selves are there? Two.

067. Name them. Higher self and lower self.

068. What people represent the Higher self? The angels who protect the Holy City of MECCA.

069. What people represent the Lower self? Those who were cast out of the Holy City, and those who accept their teachings.

070. What is the Higher self? The Higher self is the mother of virtues and the harmonies of life, and breeds Justice, Mercy, Love and Right.

071. Can the Higher self pass away? No.

072. Why? Because it is ALLAH in Man.

073. What does the Lower self breed? Hatred, Slander, Lewdness, Murders, Theft and everything that harms.

074. What did the Higher self say to the Lower self at one time when He met him? Where are you going Satan?

075. What was the answer that the Lower self gave to the Higher self? I am going to and fro the earth seeking whom I may devour.

076. Has he finished his task of devouring? Yes.

077. When was his time declared out? When he nailed Jesus on the cross.

078. What are the last words Jesus uttered? It is finished.

079. What did He have reference to? He had reference to the end of Satan.

080. Did Jesus say that he would return to conquer him? Yes.

081. What is the name of the person into whom Jesus was first reincarnated? Prophet Mohammed “The Conqueror.”

082. Was Satan to be bound then? Satan was to be bound in part.

083. When was the head of Satan taken off? 1453 (Byzantine).

084. By whom? By Mohammed the II

085. Name some of the marks that were put upon the MOORS of Northwest by the Beast{ Satan} in 1774?. Negro, Black, Colored and Ethiopia.

086. In all reality what is  Negro?  A Negro is a four legged Animal.

087. What is meant by the word Black? Black, according to science, means death.

088. What does the word Colored mean? Colored means anything that has been painted, stained, varnished, or dyed.

089. What does Ethiopia mean? Ethiopia means something divided.

090. Can a man be a Negro, Black, Colored, or Ethiopian? No.

091. Why? Because man is made in the Image and after the likeness of God, Allah.

092. What title does Satan give himself? God.

093. Will you define the word White? White means purity, Purity means God, and God means the Ruler of the Land.

094. To whom do we refer to at times, as being the GREAT GOD? ALLAH.

95. Is the Devil made in the Image and Likeness of ALLAH? No.

096. Who made the Devil? Elohim.

097. Who is Elohim? Elohim is the Seven Creative Spirits that created everything that ever was, is, and evermore to be.

098. What is Elohim sometimes called? The Seven Eyes of Allah.

99. How many days are in the Circle? Seven days.

100. How many days are in creation? Seven days.

101. According to Science, how many days are in a year? Seven days

Peace to Canaanland

5 thoughts on “Koran Questions for Moorish Americans – 101

  1. Rich Leader says:

    How is it that the Moors teach that Jesus died on the cross when the Qur’an teaches that he was not killed, but got away?

  2. Yahya ibn Zakariyya says:

    I am very aware of my heritage as a Moor. Being adept in history of our ppl and our beginnings in Ta Seti, Ta Mry. I ask why are you teaching that Jesus existed? Dr. Alim Bey makes clear distiction that these characters are allegorical as well through 20+ years of study I inerstand that to be true. Why are you teaching that Isa is real? I want to connect with my Moorish brothern, but your sending mixed signals

    • @Yahya Ibn Zakariyya Peace. Much Love and respect to Dr. Alim Bey and what he teaches, as well as your 20 years of study.

      I see things from a different perspective. Based on the Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, And the Quran from Muhammad, and other research, Jesus aka Isa was a real human being. But regardless, I don’t see how me teaching from this perspective is preventing you from connecting with Moorish brothern, or how I am sending “mixed signals”, as the focus shouldn’t be on the person, but the message they brought.

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