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Deion Sanders, Immortal Technique, David Banner, Muhammad Ali and Moor || MS Show Ep 8

Moorning Star Show Episode 8

Featuring truth from Booker T Coleman and Immortal Technique, a clip of Deion Sanders attempting to mislead his children away from our true history (Peace to Pilar Sanders Love El Dey who is teaching her children that they are and we are Moorish Americans), plus some amazing words from Killer Mike, Yasiin Bey, Muhammad Ali and Moor!

The time is now

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MOS TV: Sabir Bey Show featuring Pilar Sanders Love El Dey – September 9th show

Pilar Sanders

Much love and respect to Pilar Sanders Love El Dey for standing on truth and speaking out for the Nation. We published an article about her situation a few weeks ago (READ IT HERE). Today, she continued telling the truth, via the Sabir Bey Show. Much love and respect for Sabir Bey who continues to represent for the Nation as well. Check out more of his work HERE. That being said, let’s get to the interview:

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MOS TV: Canaanland Moors presents Pilar Love El Dey

Pilar Love El Dey speaks with Canaanland Moors as part of her lecture series Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. In this class she speaks on her case, ex husband, physical and mental abuse, Mk Ultra, Childrens protective services, colour of Law, Colour of office and MUCH Moor!

to book Canaanland platform to teach ONLY IF YOU ARE AN ACTIVE COMPETENT MOOR canaanlandguide@gmail.com

to donate to Canaanland MSTA through paypal culturaleducators@gmail.com

to visit Canaanland Moors
2533A Eglinton Avenue West Toronto,
Northwest Amexem
647 748 6664


**Much love to Pilar Love El Dey, g.S. Kudjo Adwo El, and Active Moors all over the Earth. Truth is here! Keep shining!!! **

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