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MOS TV – Occult History: James Traficant Jr. U.S. Bankruptcy Speech ~ Episode Dos

Occult History: James Traficant Jr. U.S. Bankruptcy Speech

Occult: Hidden from the eye or understanding; unknown; secret;

History: An account of facts, particularly of facts respecting nations or states; a narration of events in the order in which they happened, with their causes and effects. History differs from annals.

James Traficant Jr. drops alot of jewels with regard to the situation with the U.S.


If the U.S. is bankrupt, doesn’t that mean all the property in the name of the U.S. is subject to the Creditors who the U.S. owes?

If the U.S. is bankrupt, then where is the “money” being paid for “taxes” going?

MOOR information:





All Rights Reserved, Fair Use act, etc.

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Apple Security Flaw = Apple users: You are exposed! Peace to Gizmodo


This is so wild that I had to get the information out to y’all asap. Peace to my Filipino (side note, doing an article on the Moro people real soon) friend who put me on to this information.


In short, It’s termed a “Man in the Middle” or MitM attack. Similiar to what the NSA has been doing to people and Nations all over the world, someone could intercept ALL information between you and whoever you are talking, texting, emailing, and most importantly, FINANCIAL INFORMATION.

“It’s as bad as you could imagine, that’s all I can say,” said Johns Hopkins University cryptography professor Matthew Green. (via Reuters article – see below)

And it’s been happening since 2012.

But hey, this news organization, and this journalist are not about the people believing the information we report. It’s about KNOWLEDGE. GNOSIS.

Check out the link for Gizmodo and below are some links to other stories to help build a better perspective for you to overstand:





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