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Karen Hudes, Hakim Bey, Malcolm X, Jose Piementa Bey and Moor || MS Show Ep 9

Tha Moorning Star Show: Episode Nine

Featuring Hakim Bey telling us about the prophecies Noble Drew Ali spoke of, Jose Bey, Karen Hudes speaking truth about Moors, Malcolm explaining why human rights come before civil rights and much much moor!

“Man knows not by being told”

Study Study Study!

Peace to Karen Hudes and everyone else who is brave enough to speak truth in these days and times.


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MOS TV: Hakim Bey – What They Don’t Teach You in History Class 101

The brilliant Moorish Teacher Hakim Bey demonstrates with verifiable information, facts about the true history of the so called “blacks”.

And Moor!

Don’t know? No time like the present. Class is Allways in session.

Islam and Love to all

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