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MOS TV: Jesus Said ‘I Am a Muslim” – Dawah Man

Peace to these good sistas and brothas doing work. I love how they are breaking down things from a common sense perspective. Don’t believe what is said. Get into the books and study study study!


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Moorish Literature – Savior of Humanity by Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Moorish Literature

~ Savior of Humanity ~

In this electrified age men are racing into this life without complete knowledge of where they are going, or what the end will be, when riches seem to be their only pursuit, to be obtained anyway and at any cost; when selfishness, avarice, greed and lust dominate their very being; when humanity in general is left at the mercy of those who have no mercy in them. It is truly wonderful and astounding to see one come into this mad human drama for the sole purpose of saving humanity. Losing all sight on those things worldly and yielding absolutely to a cause higher than has ever yet been attained. This picture is the likeness of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. who is serving humanity.

Coming as he does with a message for the nations in somewhat the same manner as did Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius and other prophets of their day. Only the things of this prophet’s day differ from the ills of the days of the past; and yet the remedy for the ills of today is about the same as the remedies for the days past; all turning about the pivot Love -love for humanity.
Humanity must be lifted from the unwholesome depths of poverty, misery and suffering and placed on the solid rock of salvation. There are some who claim to do this but upon investigation, one finds that they have slouched under the wings of their cross to extract from those who come to them, means by which they can have the pleasures of this life, while they point their followers to joy after death. While they “feed their sheep” they also shear them while eating. At the close of their day the Master will be heard to tell them, “You have your reward, get thee hence.”

Rare is it that you find a real prophet whose mission is the salvation of the nations. The land is full of false prophets whose mission is to fleece the people.
The time was and now is that there should come into the land a prophet in the likeness of his brothers, to redeem them from sin and slavery. Truly this Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the man, bringing with him the message of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. which alone can save the nations. Like the coming of Jesus, he does not come from the elect, nor the rich, nor the mighty in worldly power, but all power is given unto him to do good. This power is from Allah.

It will be his works that will make men of every nation accept the truth that he brings. It will be through his teachings that the nations of the earth will understand the will of the Master; it will be through him that “Peace on earth and good will to all men” shall come. It will be through his work that humanity will be brought from the slime of life and placed on the solid rock of salvation.

For Moor Information, visit:



Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice


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Occult History: The Beginning of Christianity

The Beginning of Christianity

The foundation of Christianity began in Rome. The Roman nations founded the first Church, of whom crucified Jesus of Nazareth for seeking to redeem His people from under the Roman yoke and law. Jesus himself was of the true blood of the ancient Canaanites and Moabites and the inhabitants of Africa. Seeking to redeem His people in those days from the pressure of the pale skin nations of Europe, Rome crucified Him according to their law. Then Europe had peace for a long time until Mohammed the First came upon the scene and fulfilled the works of Jesus of Nazareth. The holy teaching of Jesus was to the common people, to redeem them from under the great pressure of the hands of the unjust. That the rulers and the rich would not oppress the poor. Also that the lion and the lamb may lay down together and neither would be harmed when morning came.

These teachings were not accepted by the rulers, neither by the rich; because they loved the principles of the ten commandments. Through the ten commandments the rulers and the rich live, while the poor suffer and die. The lamb is the poor people, the lion is the rulers and the rich, and through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice all men are one and equal to seek their own destiny; and to worship under their own vine and fig tree. After the principles of the holy and divine laws of their forefathers. All nations of the earth in these modern days are seeking peace, but there is but one true and divine way that peace may be obtained in these days, and it is through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice being taught universally to all nations, in all lands.

– Chapter XLVI, Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science (Moorish Science Temple of America)

For MOOR Information, Research the following terms:

nicene council of 325 a.d
Emperor Constantine
Definition of Christianity, Arianism, Heresy, Pagan, Heathen


Man knows not by being told.

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International Asiatic Moorish Hip Hop Temple, Nationality, Prophets, Yasiin Bey, and a challenge to Kanye West, Sway, and Everybody

***Excuse me, not so called “mexicans”, but i meant so called “hispanics” or “latinos”. Much love to Mexico and our Mexican familia***

An explanation of what the International Asiatic Moorish Hip Hop Temple is about, reading our nationality and identification information to the public for and on the record, and calling our people to task on the colored games we’ve been playing, and as a consequence, ignoring our duties to humanity.

Yasiin Bey Ecstatic album cover:

Play time is over. It is time to uplift humanity.

Get Active!

Honors to all true and Divine Prophets

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice



For more information regarding nationality and identification cards:


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