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El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcolm X) teaching Moorish Science ??

El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, also known as Malcolm X teaching Moorish Science ?!

Don’t believe it. Research the information Because you won’t know just by being told.

The so called blacks, african americans, people of color, black americans, afro americans, negroes, coloreds, etc have a Nationality. And we are Moorish Americans. Descendants of Moroccans, and born in America.

Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice


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All Black people are NOT MOORS !!!!

All Black people are NOT MOORS !!!!

This is something I have heard often recently. Rather than state my opinion, let’s look at the facts of the matter.

Defintion of Blackamoor: ANY DARK-SKINNED Person. And, a black person.

And don’t believe the information just because It is told to you. Look it up and verify it for yourself. This is how you know.

Featuring Louis Farrakhan and Khalid Muhammad.

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Who are the members of the Supreme Grand Council for the Moorish Science Temple of America?

Who are the members of the Supreme Grand Council for the Moorish Science Temple of America?

This question is for ALL Sheiks, Governors, Members, Officers, etc.

Please respond with the names in the comment section, or send them to iamhhtemple @ gmail

For Moor information about Noble Drew Ali, the Moorish Science Temple of America, Moorish Americans, Moors, etc., please visit:


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Brother Polight gets checked by a Moor ?!?`

Brother Polight gets checked by a MOOR?

Those who attempt to mislead the people, specifically when it’s dealing with Moors, will be exposed for the fraudulent, hustlin, scheming individuals that they are.

MESSAGE FOR ANY so called “black” leaders:

Please change your ways and teach the people the truth about who we are….Moors. Or not, and face the consequences.

Peace to Khalid Muhammad, Grand Daddy IU, Canaanland Moors, CassB, the Ukrainian brotha, and the Moorish Sista, and you for watching.



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Testimony of Blue Pill about the unlawful actions of the NYPD (assault, kidnapping, etc)

Blue pill

Much Love and Respect to our brotha Blue Pill for exercising his civil rights as a Moorish American National, despite the NYPD private security force (who are not officers, as officers are elected, not hired) violating The American Constitution for the United States, Blue Pill’s human rights, as well as his civil rights. He wrote a piece that details what happened when he was attempting to document the historical movement about Freddie Gray. View the short form of the events in the video below.

“On Wednesday April 29, while exercising my “rights” as press, my coverage of the NYC Freddie Gray Rally resulted in me being accosted/kidnapped/illegally detained by the para military occupying force that you refer to as the NYPD.  I was doing nothing more than documenting their Gestapo tactics, in this case which were telling peaceful protesters that they no longer had the right to exercise their right to free assembly and freedom of speech. The parallels are staggering, check this out, as a result of the work that the gunman from Baltimore put in December resulting in the death of two cops in Brooklyn, there has been a reconstruction of the statues/ordinances/codes that pertain to how people in this city are “allowed” to protest.

Protest, in it’s essence should not be about consent, first and foremost. What is the point of making your words heard and your action felt, if you are being told what the acceptable decibel is that your pitch can be heard at, or what is the acceptable motion that the herd can be herded in? While the majority of people in this city sip tea and point fingers, De Blasio‘s powers have been usurped by a villainous treasonous para military organization who are doing the bidding of their task masters who have declared war on your basic liberties, and this diatribe is for those who still think that they are “citizens” of a democratic society.

When basic liberties are usurped and non violent civil disobedience is met with the force reserved for full scale escalations, then NO ONE is safe. Safety is an illusion when your fellow man is denied the basic rights of existence, and one of the paramount tenets of existence is your ability to be heard, on your own terms.

For those of us who know that NYC is a municipality, a corporation, deriving from municipium, a Latin word that “derives from the Latin social contract “municipium”, meaning duty holders, referring to the Latin communities that supplied Rome with troops in exchange for their own incorporation into the Roman state (granting Roman citizenship to the inhabitants) SOURCE: Wikipedia, we KNOW that none of these codes, ordinances, or statutes are lawfully binding and this in fact is not a Democratic society or even Government in the sense of how we collectively identify the word.”

For the rest of the story, read it HERE

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