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United Nations, Organization of American States, & Indigenous Peoples

United Nations (UN), Organization of American States (OAS), & Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.

Featuring Barack Obama, Frank Joseph, and MOOR.

These organizations are established and ready to help us….but we cannot benefit from them as “blacks”, or “african-americans”, or “people of color”, etc.

We must reclaim our lost history, heritage, culture.

We are Moors. Moorish Americans to be specific. And we are aboriginal and indigenous to this land we now call America, anciently known as Amexem.

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Moorish World News: Noble Drew Ali and Moorish Americans in St. Louis, Missouri!

 St Louis arch

There has been alot of controversy in St. Louis right now because of the murder of a brotha named Michael Brown. See Moor information about that HERE.

Something that is not being addressed is the presence of Moorish Americans in St. Louis standing up for our people. And if we don’t shine light on our works, and wait on the corporately controlled media outlets, then we will be waiting for a long time.

That being said, it’s time to change the literature. The first clip is from the brotha Zahir Cassanova Nasir Bey‘s youtube channel:

This video shows you physical proof with an actual street of Noble Drew Ali in St. Louis.

The next video comes by way of the news program called “INFO WARS” with Alex Jones:

Granted INFO WARS does not label the video or the Moor in the footage properly, but the point is to display that our Moorish connection to the St. Louis area, both anciently and with the current history.

According to the Oral Statements and Prophecies text, Noble Drew Ali stated “You are from Missouri, I’ve got to show you”. The proof is in the pudding sistas and brothas. We don’t have to go back to Africa. We already home!


Study Study Study!!


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Tha Moorning Star – Spring Series – Volume Cinco is Now available!

!!! Click the Photo to download !!!

Peace to Taj Tarik Bey! Peace to the Atlanteans! Peace to You for reading this!

Download The previous Volumes here:


Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice


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MOS TV: Canaanland Moors presents Califa Media

Another amazing presentation from Canaanland x Califia Moors!

tired of getting railroaded by inactive people claiming they can help you..???

Go to Califa Media…

let them help you….HELP YOURSELF!!


Islam Islam Islam!!!

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