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Who are the members of the Supreme Grand Council for the Moorish Science Temple of America?

Who are the members of the Supreme Grand Council for the Moorish Science Temple of America?

This question is for ALL Sheiks, Governors, Members, Officers, etc.

Please respond with the names in the comment section, or send them to iamhhtemple @ gmail

For Moor information about Noble Drew Ali, the Moorish Science Temple of America, Moorish Americans, Moors, etc., please visit:


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Is the “white man” THE Devil?


I have heard the phrase, “the white man is the devil” from a bunch of different people. But man knows not by being told. Is the “white man” THE Devil? It is time for the truth to be known. Press play and find out…

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Does Moor mean black? | Featuring Malcolm X, Booker T Coleman, & Tariq Nasheed


I have heard the phrase “Moor means black” from many different people. And not just by people with videos on YouTube. I’m talking about scholars, elders, and even Master Teachers echoing this statement. But is it accurate? Is it right and exact? Is it the TRUTH? Let us find out!

According to science, historical evidence and information, the answer is clear. But even if all of the evidence presented is not enough, just ask yourself this simple question:

If ‘Moor’ MEANS ‘black’, what would be the need for the term “blackamoor”? Isn’t that saying “BlackaBlack”, if Moor means black?

C’mon family. Let’s be honest. We see and know that Moor does not and cannot mean black.

For MOOR information, please check out these links:


The time is now!

Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice

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Karen Hudes, Hakim Bey, Malcolm X, Jose Piementa Bey and Moor || MS Show Ep 9

Tha Moorning Star Show: Episode Nine

Featuring Hakim Bey telling us about the prophecies Noble Drew Ali spoke of, Jose Bey, Karen Hudes speaking truth about Moors, Malcolm explaining why human rights come before civil rights and much much moor!

“Man knows not by being told”

Study Study Study!

Peace to Karen Hudes and everyone else who is brave enough to speak truth in these days and times.


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Moorish American Angel saves 8 week old daughter from the cold waters of Atlantic City

Moorish American brotha

Much love and respect to our brotha Dashai Ahmed Williams Bey. Our love and positive energy to the Moorish American Mother and child as well. Please read this excerpt and analyze what is being said with a critical eye and lawful perspective:

Bey said he tried to see her Friday or at least find out how she is, but was refused. The member of the Moorish Science Temple of America said he did not want to sign the girl’s birth certificate, due to his beliefs. But, that does not follow the teachings, said Divine Minister Carl Jones-El, who is based in Illinois, where the Moorish Center was established in 1913.

“We go according to the laws,” he said. “This is our country too. We don’t go against anything that our country has established.” While some identifying as Moorish talk of sovereignty and even have their own money, Jones-El said that is not the case. “There’s no way possible that we wouldn’t sign a birth certificate,” he said. “Our religious beliefs don’t condone anything like that.”

Bey says that the temple he follows differs from the base organization. A Facebook page he set up called Moors AC lists him as a teacher in the Moorish Science Temple of America. Bey has said he will fight for his daughter, and would likely be taking a paternity test to prove he’s her father. He also stands by Shurig, who also has taken the Moorish last name of Bey.

Pay close attention to what is being said. Is a “birth certificate”, issued by a foreign bankrupt corporation posing as the De jure government  (u.s.) part of our country? Is that a part of our America Constitution? How about identifying the Canaanite Temple as a “Moorish center”? Or identifying Grand Sheiks as “divine ministers”? And we know that being Moorish American isn’t about beliefs, and that the Moorish Science Temple of America is for more than religious works right? Cool. Just making sure that we remember to think for ourselves.

Peace and Love

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