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MOS TV: Canaanland Moors – Three times a charm


We don’t have one class for you today. Not two. BUT THREE!!!!! Almost 6 hours of class. Get some pen and paper, snacks, alkaline water, and lets get busy!

“Moors It’s alright to think” class

“Forced to Make changes” class

“Correcting the Concious community” class

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MOS TV: Jesus Said ‘I Am a Muslim” – Dawah Man

Peace to these good sistas and brothas doing work. I love how they are breaking down things from a common sense perspective. Don’t believe what is said. Get into the books and study study study!


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MOS TV: Moorish American Emcee Clif Soulo – El Hajj Malcolm and Malik [Official Music Video]

For Moor information:



“Wassup Black, you know I rep that Red and Green,
word to Noble Drew Ali/
19 hunnids he back on the scene,
A hunnid years Mo’, time to get our eyes clean/
the time is now, we see it ALL,
we seen the ups, and we seen the falls/
if she twerking ass, that me we falling off,
ain’t no duckin when tha mu’fuckin law involved/
What I’m sayin is deeper than what I’m sayin,
but sayin won’t get you to KNOW, if you KNOW what I’m sayin/
Let that simmer…..run it back,
I say we got a Prophet and they tell me where he at?/
That’s when I show em the Koran (Circle 7),
then they tell me I ain’t fuckin wit Saddam,
Silly negro please,
stop playin games, time to rise my G”

– Clif Soulo

Peace to the Shabazz family.

Much love to El Hajj Malik Shabazz (also known as Malcolm X) and El Hajj Malcolm Shabazz.

Directed, filmed, and edited by T.K. Other Realm

Production by the Amazing Casito Del Fresco.

Thank you to the family in West Oakland who allowed me to film in the lot.

Thank you for viewing. This song means alot to me, so If you have watched this, please know I appreciate you.

Love is Amor


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MOS TV: Canaanland Moors Skype build with Rami Salaam El ( Oakland, Califia )

The discussion includes Hip Hop, Atlantis, Mu, El Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, BRICS, and plenty Moor.

Much love and respect to Canaanland Moors.

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MOS TV: Moorish History Lesson ~ Truth about April Fool’s Day

Did you ever wonder where “April Fool’s Day” comes from?

After hearing this information, and realizing that the joke was on our ancestors, do you still find it funny?

Still wanna play pranks on your friends and family?

Class is in session. Let us use our minds, research, and confirm.

“…Man knows not by being told…”

Don’t “believe” me.

Much love to Peter Moon for putting this information out to the world

Text used:

Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal by Peter Moon


Moor Information:


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