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Califa Media Book Preview: Moslem Girls Training Guide x Noble Drew Ali Plenipotentiaries


Peace. This video is giving you a short preview from three different texts. They are:

Sis Aux Cover

– Moslem Girls Training Guide: The Sisters Auxiliary of the Moorish Science Temple of America

Plenipotentiary cover frnt panel 1

– Noble Drew Ali Plenipotentiaries and the Negro, Black, Coloured Addiction


– The Diary of Malcolm X ( El Hajj Malik el Shabazz )

If you are in the Bay Area, contact Marcus Book Store in Oakland, California, they can hook you up with a copy of the Diary of Malcolm X. Or search for it online if you are elsewhere…unless you want to make a trip to Oakland.

The other two texts are available at Califamedia.com

Peace to grand Sheik Kudjo Adwo El and Sister Tauheedah S. Najee-Ullah El. Great works!


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