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Is the “white man” THE Devil?


I have heard the phrase, “the white man is the devil” from a bunch of different people. But man knows not by being told. Is the “white man” THE Devil? It is time for the truth to be known. Press play and find out…

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MOS TV: Moorish History Lesson ~ Truth about April Fool’s Day

Did you ever wonder where “April Fool’s Day” comes from?

After hearing this information, and realizing that the joke was on our ancestors, do you still find it funny?

Still wanna play pranks on your friends and family?

Class is in session. Let us use our minds, research, and confirm.

“…Man knows not by being told…”

Don’t “believe” me.

Much love to Peter Moon for putting this information out to the world

Text used:

Synchronicity and the Seventh Seal by Peter Moon


Moor Information:


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MOS TV: IAMHH Temple # 23 – Moor Jewels Uncovered: Episode 2

Digging into the books to uncover the Jewels. In this episode, we review the following:

Dogs of God: Columbus, the Inquisition, and the Defeat of the Moors ; James Reston Jr.
— Prologue XIX

Spandau Mystery ; Peter Moon
— Ch 9, El Morocco pg 62

The Autobiography of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz) as Told to Alex Haley ; A. Haley
— 1965 pg 382

There are keys within the pages that will help free us all.

Study Study Study.

Islam and Love to ALL

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