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David Banner: Tell the Truth to black people….

If you know David Banner, please get him this message. We need him to step up and speak the truth.

The time is now.

We are not “black”. We are Moors.


77 Amazing Facts about The Moors: http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Facts-About-Moors-Complete/dp/1508629358

Be proud of our heritage.

Honor our Ancestors, the Mothers and Fathers of civilization on this planet.



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Rami’s 7 Cents: Why not be a Moor?

7 cents

When you look up Moor in the dictionary, it will connect to Berbers, Moros, Arabs, Moroccans, Saracens, Muslims, Jews, and Islam. And if you do the research on those other identities and their history, it ties you into the Egyptians, Mauritanians, Moabites, Atlanteans, Lemurians, and Muurs. These are specific Nations, people, cultures that you can trace and follow in detail.

When you look up “black” in the dictionary, after reading past the negative meanings of the term black, and dismissing the fact that it is a adjective and not a noun, AND overlooking that the etymological meaning of the word black is pale, black will connect you to the enslaved Negro race from Africa. This is very generic. Africa is an entire continent, so what Nations in Africa? What languages did we speak? Do you have any dates that we can trace and follow along? Do you notice how identifying as “black” can disconnect you from your history?

So the question I have is this. Based on the definitions and it’s connections to other great cultures and people from History, why not be a Moor? What is negative about identifying ourselves as such? What are we afraid of?

Iono…just my seven cents

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IAMHH Temple University – Class # 1 || Moorish American Teacha Rami Salaam El


Welcome to IAMHH Temple University.

Class # 1 is being conducted by Rami Salaam El.

We cover information in the Bhagavad Gita, The Gospel of Hip Hop, The Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science, Law, Astrology, and Moor.

Seven Words to Know:

Civiliter Mortuus







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MOS TV: Canaanland Moors Skype build with Rami Salaam El ( Oakland, Califia )

The discussion includes Hip Hop, Atlantis, Mu, El Hajj Malcolm Shabazz, BRICS, and plenty Moor.

Much love and respect to Canaanland Moors.

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Fez-timonial: Episode Uno ~ Rami Salaam El

“He is consistent with himself; he is never embarrassed; He hath courage enough for truth; but to lie he is afraid”

I am sharing some of my story in hopes that someone on this path feeling how I felt doesn’t give up, doesn’t turn back.

Keep going.

Trust the spirit. Trust your SELF.

Keep Shining!

With Love,


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