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Was Jesus a real person or a myth?

Was Jesus a real person or a myth?

If you are ready for the truth about Jesus aka Jesus Christ aka Yehoshua/Yeshua ben Yosef aka Isa Ibn Maryam, press play

Peace to Siddartha Guatama.
Peace to Noble Drew Ali.
Peace to Moors.
Peace to You.

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Moorish Science Temple of America literature: The Mysteries of the Silent Brotherhood of the East


The Mysteries of the Silent Brotherhood of the East aka “The Red Book”

Chapter 1

Life and Works of Yehoshua in Egypt and India

And Yehoshua came to Egypt Land and all was well. He tarried not upon the coast; he went at once to Zoan, home of Elihu and Salome, who five and twenty years before, had taught his mother in their sacred school.

And there was joy when met these three. When last the son of Mary saw these sacred groves, he was a babe.

And now, a man had grown strong by buffetings of every kind, a teacher who had stirred the multitudes in many lands.

And Yehoshua told the aged teachers all about his life, about his journeyin in foreign lands, about the meetings with masters, and about his kind receptions by the multitudes.

Elihu and Salome hears this story with delight; they lifted up their eyes to heaven and said”

“Our Father Allah, let now thhy servants go in peace; for we have seen the glory of the Lord”

“And we have talked with him the messenger of Love and of the Covenant of Peace on earth and good will to men.”

“Through Him shall all the Nations of the earth be blessed through Him, Immanuel.”

And Yehoshua stayed in Zoan many days; and then he went forth unto the City of the Sun, that men call Heliopolis, and sought admission to the Temple of the sacred Brotherhood.

The council of the brotherhood convened, and Yehoshua stood before the hierophant. He answered all the questions that were asked with clearness and with power.

The hierophant exclaimed, “Rabboni of the rabbinate, why come you here? Your wisdom is the wisdom of the gods; why seek for wisdom in the halls of man?”

And Yehoshua said, “In every way of earth-life I would walk; in every hall of learning I would sit; the height that any man has gained, these I would gain;”

“What any man has suffered, I would meet; that I may know the griefs, the disappointments and sore temptations of my brother man, that I may know just how to succor with those in need.”

“I pray you brothers, let me go into your dismal crypts; I would pass the hardest of your tests”

The master said, “Take then the vow of secret brotherhood; and Yehoshua took the vow of secret brotherhood.

Again the master spoke, he said, “The greatest heights are gained by those who reach the greatest depths; and you shall reach the greatest depths.”

The guide then led the way; and in the fountain Yehoshua bathed. And when he had been clothed in proper garb, he stood again before the hierophant.

Chapter 2

Life works of Yehoshua in Yusef’s home at the age of seven years

The home of Yusef was on Marmion Way in Nazareth. Here Mary taught her son the lessons of Elihu and Salome;

And Yehoshua greatly loved the Vedic Hymns and the Avesta; but more than all he loved to read the Psalms of David and the pungent words of Solomon.

The Jewish books of prophecy were his delight; and when he reached his seventh year, he needed not the books to read; for he had fixed in memory every word.

Joachim and his wife, grand-parents of Yehoshua, made a feast in honor of the child; and all their near of kin were guests.

And Yehoshua stood before the guests and said, “I had a dream, and in my dream, I stood before the sea upon a sandy beach;”

“The waves upon the sea were high; a storm was raging on the deep.”

“Someone above gave me a wand. I took the wand and touched the sands, and every grain of sand became a living thing. The beach was all a mass of beauty and song.”

“I touched the waters at my feet, and they were changed to trees, and flowers and singing birds; and everything was praising Allah.”

“And someone spoke. I did not see the one who spoke; I heard the voice, which said, “There is no death.”

Grandmother Ann loved the child. She laid her hand on Yehoshua’s head and said, “I saw you stand beside the sea; I saw you touch the sand; and the waves, I saw them turn to living things; and then I knew the meaning of the dream”
“The sea of life rolls high; the storms are great; the multitude of men are idle, listless, waiting like dead sands upon the beach.”

“Your want is Truth; with this you touch the multitude, and every man becomes a messenger of Holy light and life.”

“You touch the waves upon the sea of life, their turmoils cease; the very winds become a song of praise.”

“There is no death; because the wand of Truth can change the driest bones to living things, and bring the loveliest flowers from stagnant ponds, and turn the most discordant notes to harmony and praise.”

Joachim said, “My son, today you pass the seventh milestone of your way of life; for you are seven years of age, and we will give to you as a remembrance of this day whatever you desire. Choose that which will afford you most delight.”

And Yehoshua said, “I do not want a gift, for I am satisfied. If I could make a multitude of children glad upon this day, I would be greatly pleased.”

“Now there are many hungry boys and girls in Nazareth who would be pleased to eat with us, at this feast, and share with us the pleasures of this day.”

“The richest gift that you can give to me is your permission to go out and find those needy ones, and bring them here that they may feast with us.”

Joachim said, “Tis well. Go out and find the needy boys and girls, and bring them here. We will prepare enough for all.”

And Yehoshua did not wait. He ran. He entered every home and hut and den of the town. He did not waste his words; he told his mission everywhere.

And in a little time one hundred and three score of happy children were following yehoshua on Marmion way.

The guests made way; the banquet hall was filled with Yehoshua’s guests; and Yehoshua and his mother served.

And there was food enough for all, and all were glad. So the birthday gift of Yehoshua was a crown of righteousness.

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Introduction to The Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science ~ Peace to Drew Ali


This is an Introduction to the Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science (Moorish Science Temple of America).

I made this for those who have heard about Prophet Noble Drew Ali, or The Holy Koran of the Moorish Holy Temple of Science (Holy Koran Circle 7), and are interested, but are a bit hesitant.

I had that same hesitation. I too was unsure if this was another religious group more focused on dogmatic ways than Truth.

But man knows not by being told. Read the information for yourself.

You hold the keys to your freedom. The question is, will you open the door?


Islam Hotep Paz Shalom Peace

Rami Salaam El


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Moorish Literature – Savior of Humanity by Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Moorish Literature

~ Savior of Humanity ~

In this electrified age men are racing into this life without complete knowledge of where they are going, or what the end will be, when riches seem to be their only pursuit, to be obtained anyway and at any cost; when selfishness, avarice, greed and lust dominate their very being; when humanity in general is left at the mercy of those who have no mercy in them. It is truly wonderful and astounding to see one come into this mad human drama for the sole purpose of saving humanity. Losing all sight on those things worldly and yielding absolutely to a cause higher than has ever yet been attained. This picture is the likeness of Prophet Noble Drew Ali. who is serving humanity.

Coming as he does with a message for the nations in somewhat the same manner as did Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius and other prophets of their day. Only the things of this prophet’s day differ from the ills of the days of the past; and yet the remedy for the ills of today is about the same as the remedies for the days past; all turning about the pivot Love -love for humanity.
Humanity must be lifted from the unwholesome depths of poverty, misery and suffering and placed on the solid rock of salvation. There are some who claim to do this but upon investigation, one finds that they have slouched under the wings of their cross to extract from those who come to them, means by which they can have the pleasures of this life, while they point their followers to joy after death. While they “feed their sheep” they also shear them while eating. At the close of their day the Master will be heard to tell them, “You have your reward, get thee hence.”

Rare is it that you find a real prophet whose mission is the salvation of the nations. The land is full of false prophets whose mission is to fleece the people.
The time was and now is that there should come into the land a prophet in the likeness of his brothers, to redeem them from sin and slavery. Truly this Prophet Noble Drew Ali is the man, bringing with him the message of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice. which alone can save the nations. Like the coming of Jesus, he does not come from the elect, nor the rich, nor the mighty in worldly power, but all power is given unto him to do good. This power is from Allah.

It will be his works that will make men of every nation accept the truth that he brings. It will be through his teachings that the nations of the earth will understand the will of the Master; it will be through him that “Peace on earth and good will to all men” shall come. It will be through his work that humanity will be brought from the slime of life and placed on the solid rock of salvation.

For Moor Information, visit:



Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice


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Moorning Star – Spring Series – Volume Tres is now Available!

Moorning Star - Spring Series - Volume Tres is now Available!


!! John and Yehoshua = Garvey and Ali!!

Tha Moorning Star – Spring Series – Volume Tres is Now available!

!!! Click the Photo to download !!!

Peace to Moorish Society. Peace to Temple No. 101 in Los Angeles Territory. Peace to You!

Download The previous Volumes here:


Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, and Justice

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